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What does it cost to build a house? Explanations of the Ministry of Regional Development!

Having your own home is the norm! You can buy it, get it from the state, or build it yourself! The last method is the most laborious, but quite realistic, because …

The current legislation provides for the right of every citizen to build a house for himself and this can be done according to a simplified procedure! But, not everyone uses this right, because “bureaucratic delays” in our country are by no means a myth.

The Ministry of Regional Development on its official website published a corresponding explanation answering the question of how exactly an ordinary citizen can fulfill his dream of a house built with his own hands!

Analyzing the explanation!

According to the legally enshrined declarative principle of obtaining the right to build …

“A person simply notifies the appropriate local structural unit that regulates urban planning and architecture about the start of construction, having previously received a construction passport for the future dwelling. Urban planning and architectural requirements for its placement and construction should be reflected in the passport for the future housing construction! “

Obtaining a construction passport for registration “simplified” is required for construction:

  1. Individual, as well as homestead dwelling house up to 500 m² within the village.
  2. Garden, as well as country houses, no more than two floors in size (the attic floor is not taken into account) up to 500 m² within settlements (territories of summer cottages and garden communities).
  3. Garages, outbuildings, as well as structures which being built for the improvement and landscaping of land plots.

Consider the following!

A construction passport is issued:

  • without the development of a construction project (done at will);
  • without obtaining town-planning conditions and restrictions.

You can get the desired document at the local structural unit authorized to resolve issues of urban planning and architecture!

The following documentation is submitted there: an application, copies of title documents for the land, outline intentions for development (done independently or by an architect), a project (if any) and a document containing the consent of the co-owners (if there is) for development.

The documents are checked for compliance with the intention of building on according all regulatory requirements (master plans, zoning plans, SBR, etc.) and, if everything is in order, within 10 wd, counted from the date of submission of the papers, a building passport is issued. Issuance is FREE!

After receiving the construction passport, the applicant must notify the relevant SACI body at the location of the future structure of his intention to start construction no later than 1 calendar day before its start in one of the following ways – in writing personally, by registered mail, or through an authorized representative.

P.S. You can always get legal advice on any “construction situation” on our website by leaving a request with your question. 



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