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Have you built a house? Putting it into operation correctly!

The authorities continue to make sure that citizens provide themselves with housing! Not so long ago, the Ministry of Regional Development explained the nuances of a simplified procedure for the construction of a residential building, and now a detailed procedure for putting private houses into operation has appeared on the official website.

Analyzing the process!

The key requirement on which the entire further procedure depends is that the house must be built in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.

This means the following!

A person must inform the relevant authorities about the start of construction work by submitting an appropriate notification and comply with all the requirements for project documentation!

We are talking about residential houses for individual use up to 500 m², houses in summer cottages no higher than 2 floors (the attic floor does not count) of the same size as for individual and household buildings and household structures, as well as garages and buildings for landscaping.

If “everything matches”, then you can go further!

Obtain a technical passport of home. It is issued on a contractual basis by legal entities or sole proprietorships that provide services related to the creation of architectural objects, having a certificate for the right to carry out those inventory, issued to them after passing professional certification.

Submit a declaration of readinessin regards using  of home. Where to? To the local structural unit of the State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate – in person, by registered mail or through the center of administrative services. Consideration of the declaration according to the law lasts 10 w/d, and after approval, a record is made in the data sheet about the readiness of the object.

In the process of legalizing a building, it is important not to forget that it needs an address, it can be assigned at any of the following stages of the procedure:

  • at the time of obtaining a construction passport for the development of a land plot;
  • after obtaining a building permit;
  • after accepting house in expluatation 

Registration of ownership of a residential building!

The house is built, the address is assigned, it remains to secure the status of the owner with a title deed for residential real estate, move in and live happily ever after!

An important nuance!

Failure to comply with the procedure for legalizing a new building will lead to the fact that it will be considered an unauthorized building, which is possible to legalize, but much more difficult and expensive. Experts recommend doing everything initially correctly, and in case of misunderstanding of the procedure, in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future, it is better to first get legal advice on this matter. 



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