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Alternative to the Labor Code – “Labor Law 2020” from the CMU

The Cabinet of Ministers “rewrote” and laconized labor legislation! Instead of the Soviet Labor Code, containing 265 articles, the CMU proposes to introduce a modernized Labor Law, consisting of 98 articles. The corresponding project was registered in the Parliament under № 2708. Analyzing!

“New rules…

Forbidding! Bias and mobbing in the work environment, psychological and economic pressure on workers, bullying, ridicule, defamation, isolation, humiliation, creating intolerant working conditions, unfair workloads and underpayments.

Providing! The right of a discriminated employee, either independently or using the services of representation in court, to apply to this instance for the renewal of violated rights and to demand compensation for moral and material harm for discrimination, mobbing, and prejudice.

Reformatting! Fixing information in work books and contracts, allowing an individual approach to work and an electronic fixation format, expanding the list of types of labor agreements.

Importantly! Termination of employment

“The termination of labor relations at the request of the employee is hardly changed by the“ new law ”- a written and electronic warning two weeks before leaving, or at another time by agreement. Termination of the agreement on the initiative of the employer – also with obligatory notification in advance, in terms depending on the number of days / months / years worked by the employee.”

Working hours, rest and other changes

New Labor Law:

  1. Establishes a 40-hour work rate for 7 days (the daily rate is determined by the employer, starting from the specifics of the activity).
  2. Cancels the privilege of women – mothers of children under 3 years of age, not to work at night (the employer will have the right to involve such employees in such work).
  3. Introduces flexible teleworking (teleworking) and eliminates double pay for work on weekends.
  4. Reduces days off from 42 to 24 hours (there were 2 days off, will become 1, which are established and fixed by the collective / labor agreement).
  5. Increases vacation at its own expense from 15 to 30 c/d, leaving the annual 24 days and removing the “obligation” of continuity of 14 days.
  6. Establishes the following signs of “formalization” of labor relations:
  •  regularity of payment of remuneration in cash or “in kind”;
  •  “personality” of performing work or providing services;
  •  binding to the workplace in compliance with the labor regulations;
  • organization of working conditions with the provision of means of production;
  •  the duration of work and rest, fixed by the agreement of the parties.



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