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A raider in a court gown and with a “crust” of a lawyer, nonsense? Not at all!

Judges, lawyers and justice officials love money too! Sometimes they use their connections and powers to improve their financial well-being! Some find themselves a lucrative “hobby”, for example, they are engaged in raiding.

SBU officers uncovered a criminal scheme carried out by “raiders in court robes” with the help of lawyers and former employees of the justice authorities.

The scheme was simple – on the basis of court decisions made by judges on the basis of forged documents, someone else’s property was re-registered.

The criminal group operated within several regions, engaged in the re-registration of property rights to objects of state, communal and private forms of ownership:

  1. Claims supported by forged documents were submitted to the specific required courts.
  2. The relevant judges made the necessary court decisions, on the basis of which the registration actions were carried out.
  3. As a result, the rights to real estate objects, mainly land plots, were obtained by fictitious owners.

According to preliminary estimates of the SBU, the raiders have earned about one and a half billion hryvnia on this “hobby”!

The group consisted of 7 active members, in whose homes were found stamps, cliche, ready-made forged documents and other “tools” used by them to carry out illegal activities.

“As you can see, everyone in our country can be a raider, including a judge, who with one movement of his hand can decide the fate of any property. Subsequent proof of the fact that the property belongs to a specific owner may drag on for years and it is not a fact that it is your own recognition of ownership in court that will be implemented according to the law, since it turns out that “raiding is a very profitable business”.

That is why lawyers strongly recommend everyone to control their property on their own or with the help of any law firm!

What does tracking the status of real estate in the Property Rights Register give? The ability to react in time to the seizure, while the property has not “migrated into tenth hands”, from which it is very difficult to pull it out in practice!

Ideally, immediately after you find out that the status of your property has changed, you need to write a statement to the police and apply to the court with a statement of claim to cancel the illegal actions.

Thus, it is possible to return assets quickly and without special costs, especially since the authorities recently changed the Procedure for providing information from the State Register and you can easily find out who was interested in real estate, therefore, suspected of seizure. 



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